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Leadership worth following – a recommendation

I’ve had some requests recently to post more on my blog about leadership – and I will.  I have a number of draft ideas almost ready to share.  But in the mean-time, let me recommend Cory Godwin’s Blog – iLEAD/iSERVE, as well as the youtube channel ILEADISERVE TV.

Cory is a lot more prolific in his sharing of ideas – and at root, his belief seems to equate leadership with service – which over the years I have learned believe myself.  So … if leadership is your thing – head on over to iLEAD/iSERVE.  And if something you read there really speaks to you … share …here and elsewhere.  I love to learn what speaks to others.


Building Organizational Culture


On the drive to work this morning I was listening to a TED Radio Hour podcast titled Courage.  During the show the first speaker, Margaret Heffernan said:

“Culture is the accumulation of everyone’s actions.”

While I’ve read many definitions of culture – this one spoke to me – this one is actionable.  It says that my actions contribute to the culture of my organization.

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